I believe quilters need to learn about color through active color study. Engaging with color in a multitude of ways to expand horizons into multiple arenas in order to become experts in color i.e. doing rather than being told about color. Many people will tell you the color wheel is the answer to all your fabric selection dilemmas but you can use a color wheel and still make a quilt that doesn't quite seem aesthetically pleasing enough to you!

I will share my weekly color studyphoto & palette on the blog each Saturday, so be sure to check that out:

This webpage and color study series all began because of a popular blog post I wrote in July 2023, here is the link:

Here's a few of  my own personal color study digital worksheets:

Why do this?

Do you want to be confident when choosing fabrics for a quilt?

There is no way for quilters to shortcut the process of learning about color!

The color wheel isn't some magic tool that will gift you with years of knowledge of color and its use in quilt making! That knowledge comes with lived experience, so if you are eager to improve your color and fabric selections to make magnificent quilts take some time each week to actually study color in the world around you

Studying color in the world around you as you live your normal life can become a fascinating area of the arts to explore & will expand your knowledge and ability to effectively use color!

First begin with eye catching things in the world around your and simply photograph them. Then analyse the color palette and imagine it used in a myriad of ways in your quilt making!

Download my FREE color study resources here:

Printable version for those that love to work &  study with pen and paper:

Grab some coloring pencils and fill in this version by hand if you are the hands on artistic type!

Join the FUN!

Digital version for the tech savvy:

A Digital Color Study Tutorial by AQ edited.pdf A Digital Color Study Tutorial by AQ edited.pdf
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With this editable digital scrapbook file you can create digital color studies in MS Word to save for future inspiration!

Helpful TIP for digital users!

TIP: to ensure you can drag and drop images into the appropriate boxes on the digital worksheet make sure you click on Picture Format > Wrap Text > Tight

If you are enjoying the digital color study option consider downloading FREE "Quilt Assistant" quilt block  design software from this website: https://quiltassistant.com/

Then you can design your own quilt blocks and try out your weekly color study colors in a variety of ways!

Download my scrap sorting tips summary PDF here:
Final Scrap Sorting Tute by AQ.pdf Final Scrap Sorting Tute by AQ.pdf
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