I am passionate about paper piecing! In 2014 that led to this FREE block of the month website, it was time to share some of my patterns and encourage quilters to learn paper piecing techniques. 

Welcome to the Adventurously Epic Sampler Quilt Along.

I will upload one block weekly during 2017 and 2018 until we have created this 100 block quilt.

Yes all 100 block patterns are FREE just download them weekly from this website!

The blocks are all 7.5 inches square so they will be 7 inches once sewn into the quilt.

My fabrics for this BOW all came from my favorite local Denver quilt shop Wooden Spools!

If you are ever in Denver it is a MUST see quilt shop check out their website: http://www.woodenspools.com/ They BUY and SELL cotton quilting fabric!

The website says:  Give new creative life to your fabric stash by selling us your unused and excess fabric. Find other newly revived fabrics that have made their way to our shelves. A visit to Wooden Spools is like taking part in a fabric exchange every day of the week!!! 

My chosen 3 fabrics/colors are:
Background fabric - Kona black
 Light color - scrappy beiges 
Dark color -  batiks in varying colors

This is an oversized (98" x 98") KING size quilt when completed with all 100 blocks, 2" sashing and a 3" border as displayed in the pattern diagram.

I am not providing fabric yardage requirements for this BOW it really depends on how many colors you choose to use. I have bought 4 yards of background fabric but it is in a color/fabric that I can easily buy more of in the future if needed.The majority of my other fabrics are scrappy fat quarter sized pieces and I can add colors or fabrics as I sew the quilt and play with the layout. 


Find more quilt along inspiration at:
Quilt Along.net



Weekly block patterns upload by Sunday evening (MST) throughout 2017 and 2018 


I am using the hashtag #adventurouslyepicsampler on Instagram so feel free to use it to show off your progress

And on FACEBOOK I have a closed group you can join if you'd like to share progress that way: 


Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/3144081@N20

 Download the FREE PDF file now!
I will be in Australia most of May and part of June so I am uploading the files for the rest of May in this file so that my husband doesn't have to do it for me whilst I am away and I don't have to take my laptop with me.


I will also upload all of Junes blocks as one file that will be published later this month.

Merged 71727374.pdf Merged 71727374.pdf
Size : 239.76 Kb
Type : pdf
AES Block 70.pdf AES Block 70.pdf
Size : 62.969 Kb
Type : pdf
Blocks 55 to 65 Jan to Mar 2018.pdf Blocks 55 to 65 Jan to Mar 2018.pdf
Size : 645.429 Kb
Type : pdf

The next pattern will be available by Sunday June 3
The block patterns  have started to disappear from the website as I upload new blocks! There will be a quarterly merged pattern file upload for those who want to catch up on some of the past blocks.

I am currently preparing to publish this pattern as a book so I have started to remove the past quarterly files - if you want to join in now perhaps make a smaller quilt using just the 2018 block patterns or wait until the book is published this summer.

The key to a fantastic quilt using this pattern is CONTRAST!

Choose a background fabric then a dark and a light  fabric/color that will stand out from that background

Important Information
Pattern files will be available for a month, then they will be taken down so that this website doesn't get so overcrowded that it isn't user friendly, so pop here to the website regularly and download the files so you don't miss out!