I am passionate about paper piecing, that has lead to this FREE block of the month website, it's time to share some of my patterns and encourage quilters to learn paper piecing techniques. 

Welcome to the FREE 2016 Adventurous Stars Paper Pieced Sampler BOM 

The blocks are all 7.5 inches square so they will be 7 inches once sewn into the quilt.

My fabrics for this BOM all came from my favorite local Denver quilt shop Wooden Spools! You'll need about 2 yards of each fabric. I have chosen a Kona Grey (not sure what shade), Kona Snow and some fat quarters in turquoise shades.

It is an awesome shop! If you are ever in Denver it is a MUST see quilt shop check out their website: http://www.woodenspools.com/

They BUY and SELL cotton quilting fabric! The website says:  Give new creative life to your fabric stash by selling us your unused and excess fabric. Find other newly revived fabrics that have made their way to our shelves. A visit to Wooden Spools is like taking part in a fabric exchange every day of the week!!! 



If you use Flickr be sure to join the Flickr group to share photos of your 2016 blocks!! https://www.flickr.com/groups/2893238@N21/

I am also using the hashtag #adventurousstars on Instagram so feel free to use it to show off your progress

And on FACEBOOK I have a closed group you can join if you'd like to share progress that way: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302776246529328/

Block Files: 

Block 1 Eight Point Star Pattern File.pdf Block 1 Eight Point Star Pattern File.pdf
Size : 236.945 Kb
Type : pdf
Adventurous Stars Block 2 pattern file.pdf Adventurous Stars Block 2 pattern file.pdf
Size : 236.345 Kb
Type : pdf
Block 3 2016 Adventurous Stars Quilt.pdf Block 3 2016 Adventurous Stars Quilt.pdf
Size : 242.812 Kb
Type : pdf
AQ 2016 BOM April Star.pdf AQ 2016 BOM April Star.pdf
Size : 244.465 Kb
Type : pdf
Block 5 Inverse Star May.pdf Block 5 Inverse Star May.pdf
Size : 240.062 Kb
Type : pdf
Lopsided Star Block 6.pdf Lopsided Star Block 6.pdf
Size : 248.262 Kb
Type : pdf
Plaid Star Block Pattern.pdf Plaid Star Block Pattern.pdf
Size : 239.707 Kb
Type : pdf
Block 8 Pinwheel Star.pdf Block 8 Pinwheel Star.pdf
Size : 243.183 Kb
Type : pdf
September Star Block Pattern.pdf September Star Block Pattern.pdf
Size : 245.495 Kb
Type : pdf
October Star Block Pattern.pdf October Star Block Pattern.pdf
Size : 238.063 Kb
Type : pdf
If you sewed along last year for the Scrappy Adventures BOM you will be familiar with the November block, it's one of my favorite blocks from the 100+ I have designed so far! It's sooo Christmassy, I'd love to make a quilt of just this block in Christmassy fabrics that are grey, turquoise and white! One day maybe... .
Snowflake Star block pattern.pdf Snowflake Star block pattern.pdf
Size : 240.633 Kb
Type : pdf
December Star Block Pattern.pdf December Star Block Pattern.pdf
Size : 239.848 Kb
Type : pdf

And if you want to get a head start on making the borders, here are the pattern files to paper piece them:

And if you were one of the people who asked about the pattern file for my house block, here it is!

House pattern pieces.pdf House pattern pieces.pdf
Size : 33.227 Kb
Type : pdf

Download all blocks before December 25th! 

That is when I start rebuilding this website ready for the January 1st BOW launch!

Top and bottom borders pattern pieces.pdf Top and bottom borders pattern pieces.pdf
Size : 26.296 Kb
Type : pdf
side borders.pdf side borders.pdf
Size : 26.626 Kb
Type : pdf

I cut my sashing 2.5" wide and in addition to those you will need 4 squares cut at 3.5 x 3.5 for the corners of the border

This is my finished quilt with a center block variation and different borders, the center house block is 16.5" square. So if you are game try designing yourself a center block  or choosing a different border style and really personalize the pattern!





Join in January st 2017 for the first block of my Adventurously Epic Sampler Quilt 100 blocks in two years!

Paper Piecing Tips:

Contrast is the first key to making these blocks really pop! 

Make sure when you print the patterns you check the print settings. You want the printout to be actual size. So make sure there is no page scaling or fit to page setting automatically selected.

If you are storing your blocks for a long period of time for a BOM leave the paper on, it helps prevents warping, fraying etc.

When joining sub units or sections together use a basting stitch first (I use a length of 4 on my Juki). Once you are sure the block sections are aligned correctly, restitch over that basting with your usual short stitch length. Basting stitches are easier to un-sew and your paper won't be shredded by the time you get the block together!

Never tried foundation paper piecing?????? I suggest you try this tutorial. This is how I learned to paper piece:


Beginners try watching this awesome Youtube video by Crafty Gemini, she explains very well how to paper piece a simple block:


Practice Blocks - You can practice with these  simpler blocks and ask questions if needed. 


Here is the link to the Beginners Christmas Tree Block photographic tutorial on my blog: http://adventurousquilter.blogspot.com/2014/11/beginners-paper-piecing-turorial.html

You'll need to download this free pattern: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/beginners-paper-pieced-tree/188543

If you want to try something even simpler this house block has only 7 pieces and when you make multiples it is great for row quilts or you can make a heap of these houses into one quilt for a neighborhood quilt. 

House 7 x 7 Block Final Pattern.pdf House 7 x 7 Block Final Pattern.pdf
Size : 223.02 Kb
Type : pdf


I have added a quick Powerpoint presentation that sums up the absolute basics of FPP once you have learned the technique using a tutorial you have a quick reference to the steps rather than re-reading the whole wordy tutorial again:

Foundation Paper Piecing.pptx Foundation Paper Piecing.pptx
Size : 2042.017 Kb
Type : pptx


You Can Do This! Here are some pictures of the first ever PP blocks I made. I just chose a pattern that inspired me and just read and reread photographic tutorials until it made sense. Now it is my absolute quilting passion!


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Next year the Adventurously Epic SamplerBlock Of The Week Begins! January 1st 

Future BOW block images:



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